The Anglican Church has always understood, and Anglo-Catholics always emphasised, that Anglicans are ‘catholic.’  Anglicans reject the idea that one denomination alone can claim to be the one ‘true’ church.  Rather, we believe our church to be one branch of Christ’s universal church; that God has ordained each branch, each expression, for a different ministry for the good of the whole body.   “We are the body of Christ, and each of us individual members of it.”  So Anglicans count themselves as part of the great family of Christian churches that, together, make up the “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church.”

St Barnabas Anglican Church, Victoria, is a parish of the Anglican Diocese of British Columbia.  A diocese is a geographical area, in our case incorporating Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and Kingcome Inlet.  As a diocese, we are also part of the Anglican Church of Canada, and as part of that large “ecclesiastical province,” also the World Wide Anglican Communion.

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